Keynote Speakers

Prof. Francisco José García-Peñalvo
Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

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  • Francisco José García-Peñalvo did his undergraduate studies in Computing at the University of Salamanca and University of Valladolid and his Ph.D. at the University of Salamanca. Dr. García-Peñalvo is the head of the research group GRIAL (Research Group Interaction and eLearning). His main research interests focus on eLearning, Computers & Education, Adaptive Systems, Web Engineering, Semantic Web and Software Reuse. He has led and participated in over 50 research and innovation projects. He was Vice Chancellor for Innovation at the University of Salamanca between March 2007 and December 2009. He has published more than 300 articles in international journals and conferences. He has been guest editor of several special issues of international journals (Online Information Review, Computers in Human Behaviour, Interactive Learning Environments...). He is also a member of the program committee of several international conferences and reviewer for several international journals. Now, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Information Technology Research and the Education in the Knowledge Society Journal. Besides he is the coordinator of the multidisciplinary PhD Programme on Education in the Knowledge Society.

Prof. Eleni Stroulia,
University of Alberta, Canada

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Speech title: Smart Buildings: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Dr. Eleni Stroulia is a Professor in the Department of Computing Science, at the University of Alberta. From 2011-2016, she held the NSERC/AITF Industrial Research Chair on Service Systems Management, with IBM. Her research focuses on addressing industry-driven problems, adopting AI and machine-learning methods to improve or automate tasks. Her flagship project in the area of health care is the Smart Condo in which she investigates the use of technology to support people with chronic conditions live independently longer and to educate health-science students to provide better care for these clients. In 2011, the Smart-Condo team received the UofA Teaching Unit Award. She has played leadership roles in the GRAND and AGE-WELL Networks of Centres of Excellence. in 2018 she received a McCalla professorship, and in 2019 she was recognized with a Killam Award for Excellence in Mentoring. She has supervised more than 60 graduate students and PDFs, who have gone forward to stellar academic and industrial careers. Since 2020, she is the Director of the University of Alberta's AI4Society Signature Area, and since 2021, she serves as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science.

Prof. Maria Virvou,
University of Piraeus, Greece

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  • Prof. Maria Virvou was born in Athens, Greece. She received a B.Sc. Degree in Mathematics from the University of Athens, Greece, a M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science from the University of London (University College London), U.K. and a Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex, U.K. She is a FULL PROFESSOR, HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT and DIRECTOR OF POST- GRADUATE STUDIES in the Department of Informatics, University of Piraeus, Greece. She is also EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of the SpringerPlus Journal (Springer) for the whole area of Computer Science. Additionally, she is an ASSOCIATE EDITOR of the Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) Journal (Springer) and MEMBER OF THE EDITORIAL BOARD of the International Journal on Computational Intelligence Studies (Inderscience). She has been CO-FOUNDER and GENERAL CO-CHAIR of the yearly conference series of KES-Intelligent Interactive Systems and Services, which aims at promoting research in the area of interactive multimedia and major applications such as e-learning and m-learning. She has been the GENERAL CHAIR / PROGRAM CHAIR of over twenty (20) International Conferences. For the year 2013, she is GENERAL CHAIR / PROGRAM CHAIR of five (5) INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES. She has been the PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR or CO-INVESTIGATOR of over 15 national / international research projects. She is the Director of a research lab. She has supervised 12 Ph.D. theses which have been completed successfully and she is currently supervising 6 Ph.D. students and 10 post-doctoral researchers. Moreover, she has supervised more than 100 M.Sc. theses in the area of Computer Science and 100 final year undergraduate dissertations. Her research interests are in the area of Computers and Education, Artificial Intelligence in Education, user and student modeling, e-Learning and m-Learning, Knowledge-Based Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction. Professor Virvou is the sole author of five (5) books in Computer Science and AUTHOR/CO-AUTHOR of over 300 research papers published in international journals, books and conference proceedings. According to Microsoft Academic Search by Microsoft (, she is ranked in the top 100 authors in the broad area of Computer Education and the area of "User Interface" out of 58000 authors worldwide. According to the same academic search, she is ranked as the top first author in the area of "student model" and "authoring tools". Additionally, she is ranked in the top ten authors in the area of "Intelligent Tutoring Systems" and "GUI (Graphical User Interface)" out of 28075 authors worldwide and she is ranked in the top 100 in the recent area of emotion recognition. Her article "Combining software games with education: Evaluation of its educational effectiveness" EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY & SOCIETY, Journal of International Forum of Educational Technology & Society and IEEE Learning Technology Task Force, 8 (2): 54-65 APR 2005 is included in the top ten full-length articles of the whole Journal. She was a co-recipient of the Best Applications paper award of the 29th Annual International Conference of the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge, UK, December 15-17, 2009.

Prof. Ioannis Stamelos,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

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Speech title: Open Source Software Policies and New OSS Research Directives

  • Ioannis Stamelos is a Professor at the School of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, where he carries out research and teaching in the area of Software Engineering and Information Systems. Before joining Aristotle University he worked as a Senior Researcher for the Italian Telecommunications (1985-1994) and as Systems Integration Director for a mobile operator company in Athens, Greece (1995-1996). He holds a diploma of Electrical Engineering (1983) and a PhD in Computer Science by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1988). He has published approx. 250 articles in refereed international journals, conferences, etc. He is/was the scientific coordinator or principal investigator for his University in 30+ research and development projects in Information & Communication Technologies with funding from national and international organizations. He is currently the Head of the Board of Directors of the Greek Alliance for Open Technologies.