Track 2: Smart cities development: required skills and competences



The purpose of this track is to critically discuss the required skills and competencies of the 21st century in the context of smart cities. Smart cities are unique ecosystems that involve various and diverse stakeholders, needs, platforms, and technologies. The successful development of these ecosystems requires a unique skill-set. In this track, an attempt will be made to identify emerging needs that relate not only with the IT service and technologies development, but as well with other important topics, such as citizen engagement, smart cities business modeling, urban planning, etc. Authors are invited to submit original research work in this track related to all these topics.


Smart cities, skills, competencies, software development, smart cities standardization, smart cities frameworks

Track organizers:

Prof. Dr. Panos Fitsilis, University of Thessaly,
Prof. Dr. Angelika Kokkinaki, University of Nicosia,
Prof. Dr. Achilles Kameas, Hellenic Open University,

Track Technical committee:

Assistant Professor Dr. Vyron Damasiotis, University of Thessaly,
Assistant Professor Dr. Evi Dekoulou, University of Nicosia,
Dr. Vivi Tsoutsa, University of Thessaly,
Dr. Theodoros Panagiotakopoulos, Hellenic Open University,

Submission Method:

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically via online submission system. For any questions, please contact with