ICTCE 2018

Conference Venue

BUPT Hotel

Add: 10 Xitucheng Rd, Haidian, Beijing | 北京海淀区西土城路10号

Reservation Contact: Ms. Lin Zhu Tel.: 15810272571 Hotel Reception: 010-52810888-6825.

As a subsidiary of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, BUPT Hotel was founded in 2001. In 2013, the hotel underwent a full renovation and it has since become the first internet-of-things hotel in China. Located in the bustling Zhong Guan Chun and Xi Zhi Men business district, it provides unparallel service to tourists and business travelers from all over the world. Refined interior design combing with state-of-art technology, customers will experience modern facilities and heart-warming hospitality. Customers will enjoy convenient access to the 3rd Ring Circuits transportation hub, in addition, they can enjoy the peace of mind by arranging chauffeuring or pickup with us.





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