Submission Guidelines 投稿指南

Submission Requirements 投稿要求

  1. Language
    English is the official language of the conference; the paper should be written and presented only in English.


  2. Presentation & Publication (Full paper)
    Full paper is requested, if you are also considering publishing your paper. For submission, each paper should be at least with 8-10 pages by following the template so that it can meet the standard of the press. For accepted papers, one regular registration covers 10 pages including tables, figures and references, and additional pages will be charged at 40USD/page.


  3. Presentation Only (Abstract)
    If you only want to share and discuss your latest research with others at the conference, you can submit an abstract.


  4. Academic Ethics
    Articles submitted to the conference should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtue of any academic. Any act of plagiarism is unacceptable academic misconduct and cannot be tolerated. If an author is found to commit an act of plagiarism, the following acts of sanction will be taken:
    * Reject the article submitted or delete the article from the final publications.
    * Report the authors violation to his/her supervisor(s) and affiliated institution(s).
    * Report the authors violation to the appropriate overseeing office of academic ethics and research funding agency.
    * Reserve the right to publish the authors name(s), the title of the article, the name(s) of the affiliated institution and the details of misconduct, etc. of the plagiarist”


Full Paper Template  Submit Your Paper

Important Dates 重要日期

Full Paper Submission: June 30th, 2024


Notification Date: July 30th, 2024


Registration & Camera-ready: August 20th, 2024


Reviewing Procedure 审稿流程

1) The paper selection will follow a double-blind review process, meaning that both the authors and reviewers will remain anonymous during the paper selection process
2) Submitted manuscripts will conduct an initial screening by plagiarism checker.
3) Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by an ICTCE Scientific Technical Committee that covers the topic of the manuscript.
4) Submissions are rated by the committee members based on (i) originality (ii) design novelty (iii) advancement within the field and (iv) technical quality. Authors should provide clear evidence of what is novel in their work and/or the extent to which it advances the state-of-the-art. Many submissions will be stronger in novelty or advancement, so both are equally weighted by the committee. A high level of technical quality and clarity is a requirement for all submissions.
委员会成员根据 (i) 原创性 (ii) 设计新颖性 (iii) 领域内的发展以及 (iv) 技术质量对提交的作品进行评分。

Guideline for Oral Session 口头报告指南

  • The allotted time per each presenter is 15 minutes including Q&A.
  • Beam projectors and computers running the MS Powerpoint with USB ports are available.
  • Presenters shall prepare both their PowerPoint presentation files and biographic details.
  • Presenters shall arrive at the presentation room 15 minutes before the session starts.
  • Presenters shall introduce themself to the session chair so that he/she can introduce you before your presentation.

Guideline for Poster Session 海报展示指南

  • A poster wall of 65cm (width) by 125cm (height) accommodating 12 slides of A4 size is available with hanging equipment.
  • Presenters shall prepare printed posters or A4 slides.
  • Presenters shall arrive at the poster area 15 minutes before the session starts.
  • Presenters shall present their posters for 3~5 minutes before their poster session chairs.
  • Presenters shall stand by their posters during their poster sessions.

At the review stage, the Program Committee may change the presentation type submitted by the author to ensure the continuity of the conference programme i.e. oral presentation may be changed to poster presentation OR poster presentation to oral presentation. The Presenting Author will be informed of any change to their submitted presentation type at the acceptance notification stage. The decision of the program committee is final.
为确保会议日程连贯进行,组委会可能会更改作者提交的报告形式, 例如将海报展示更改为口头报告,或将口头报告更改为海报展示。如有更改,会议将通过邮件告知报告人。